Slot machines are the most popular gaming type in both traditional casinos and internet services. They have occupied the top ranks among popular gambling games since their inception. But you probably had no idea that they were linked to a lot of fascinating facts.  Though you believe that most slot machines are situated in the United States, you are erroneous – even if Las Vegas is located in the United States. Read on to learn 12 slot machine myths and truths you probably didn’t know about. 

Myth #1

Surprisingly, Japan leads the globe in the number of slot machines. There are 27 slot machines for each of the country’s 27 citizens, which is an astounding figure. In the United States, there are only roughly 800,000 slot machines registered. Las Vegas is home to more than a fifth of them. The greatest prize on a real slot machine was won at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas. The 25-year-old software engineer took home a whopping $39.7 million in prize money. 

Myth #2

Video Machines

Jonathan Heywood, who won a progressive jackpot of 13.2 million pounds in the Mega Moolah slot game, was the highest winner in the online world. He merely spent 25 pence on it. 

Myth #3

There are a lot of misconceptions about slot machines. One of the most prevalent is the claim that after someone wins on a slot machine, it goes into “cold” mode and ceases paying out rewards for a period of time. Obviously, this is not the case. In fact, in the following round, you have a chance to win right away.

Myth #4 

Let’s take a look at some additional misconceptions. Which ones are you familiar with? Many players assume that slot machines located near the casino’s exit are more generous, meaning that they are easier to win on. Others feel that winning on weekdays (when everyone has less time to play) is easier than winning on weekends. 

Myth #5

Whatever else you hear, remember that after you’ve hit the button on an online slot machine, you have no control over the outcome of the spin. 

Myth #6

Depending on where you are in the globe, slot machines go by a variety of names. Fruit machines, drum machines, poker machines, Puggies, and, of course, one-armed bandits are among the most popular. 

Myth #7

Slot Machine

In 1895, the world’s first slot machine was built. It was named “Liberty Bell,” and it was designed by Charles Fey, a professional car technician. 

Myth #8

In 1976, the first video slot machine was developed in California. Fortune Coin created it, and it was initially shown to actual gamers at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. 

Myth #9

According to the most recent figures, slot machines make for around 85% of all casino income. Without a question, online slots have become the most popular games in every online casino.

Myth #10 

Super Big Bertha, the world’s biggest classic slot machine, was constructed in the middle of the twentieth century. It has a height of two and a half meters and a width of two meters. Since 1950, this machine has been in operation. 

Myth #11

In 1895, the first slot machine was constructed with a relatively basic mechanical construction. Modern slot machines are made up of roughly 1,200 distinct pieces and weigh about 120 kg on average. 

Myth #12

In 41 nations throughout the globe, slot machines are legal. Their number has grown by nearly a fourth since 2000.

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