Have you ever noticed that you stand and stare in fascination at the rapidly growing number on the small screen of a slot machine? This amount is called a cumulative jackpot. Every player in the world dreams of hitting this jackpot at least once in his life.

Jackpot — It All Started With a Pot

The term “jackpot” appeared around 1870. It originated from a poker game called “Jacks or Better”. The players placed their bets in a large pot, and the one who had a pair of jacks or higher cards (Jacks or Better) on his hand won them. If no player had the right cards on his hand, the amount of money in the pot grew and as a result could turn into quite a considerable amount. Since that time, a jackpot is a place where bets (or a percentage of bets) accumulate.

What Is a Cumulative Jackpot

Cumulative Jackpots

There are various types of slot machines in casinos and slot machine halls. At first glance, they look the same, but on closer inspection, you can find significant differences. For simplicity, slot machines can be divided into 3 types:

  • Autonomous
  • Casinos (local)
  • Online
  • Stand-alone slot machines

Basic slot machines are considered autonomous. It is a simple machine that is not connected to any other slot machines or slot machine networks. Here the jackpot consists of the money that you and the previous players have invested in this machine. Simply put, you invest money in the slot machine and win the amount associated with a given winning combination that fell on the slot machine.

Casino Slot machines — Local jackpot

The name speaks for itself. Slot machines in a casino are machines connected to each other within the same casino or slot machine hall. The casino jackpot bonus for which you play on these machines becomes more interesting. The amount increases by adding a percentage of all bets placed on all slot machines within the casino. In large casinos, such a jackpot can grow to a rather attractive amount.

Network Slot Machines — Network Jackpot


Online slot machines and online jackpots represent the highest stage of evolution among accumulative jackpots. They work on the same principle as slot machines in casinos, with the only exception – the network of machines is much more extensive. If the same type of slot machines are installed in the casino network in different cities and countries, the jackpot grows rapidly, turning into a fairly large amount. 

Despite the fact that your chances of winning are lower, the prize is much more tempting. This is very similar to playing on online slot machines – the same machines can be found in many casinos, and one common jackpot accumulates in all casinos that have such slot machines in their lineup. Thus, online jackpots over the Internet grow to millions of euros.

How to Win a Cumulative Jackpot?

In truth, it’s not that easy. If it were easy, there wouldn’t be so many jackpots worth millions. Pay attention to the rules — on many slot machines, if you have all the winning lines, you only play for the cumulative jackpot. Winning the jackpot is just luck.

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