It is planned to integrate more than 120 games from Wizard Games into the online casino of the operator. Earlier this year, Wizard Games, a branch of Aspire Global, announced a partnership with NetBet. to market your content portfolio throughout the whole country on behalf of it, an Italian operator. 

The customers of are mostly Italians. They will get full access to the Wizard Titles collection, which consists of more than 120 games in total. The content is intended to appeal to a wide range of gamers while still providing the greatest amount of enjoyment. It has a diverse collection of topics, ideas, and features. Songs such as the following are among the players’ favorites: 

Netbet’s Rumble Rhino, Wolf Riches, and Dragons of the North Games Are Among the Most Popular

Wolf Riches

A well-known name in the mature Italian gaming business, and its online casino offers players a large and constantly expanding selection of popular games to choose from. The operator’s offering has been significantly enhanced as a result of its partnership with Wizard Games, which distributes well-known games to players all over the world via its website. 

Joey Hurtado, the Managing Director of Wizard Games 

Joey has stated: “Since its premiere in 2018, our content has gained a significant following in Italy. And this collaboration with NetBet underlines the widespread acceptance of our games in the country”. He continued: “With this arrangement, we will be able to further strengthen our presence in the Italian market. It can happen by partnering with a well-established operator, and we look forward to offering first-class entertainment to our customers in the future”. 

Claudia Georgevici,’s Public Relations Manager 


She made the following announcement: “By forging a collaboration with Wizard Games, our company has also achieved another key goal. Collaborating with Wizard Games is an exciting opportunity for us since they are a trusted supplier with high-quality material that deserves a place in our online casino”. 

Wizard Games – Information about Wizard Games 

In its current state, the library has more than 120 games that fall into a range of genres and use a variety of gamification aspects. The commodities of the firm have been verified in more than 15 regulated markets across Europe, North America, and Latin America. For maximum performance, Wizard Games adds data-driven features into all of their product lines. Because of a wide range of compelling interaction options, the studio is able to provide a customized approach while also achieving the highest possible player retention rates. 

Video slots account for the vast bulk of the games available, but there are a variety of other options as well: bingo, keno, board games, scratch cards, and quick wins are all available. All of the new releases have been multilingually optimized and are ready to win over fans from all around the world, including the United States. 

In the catalog, there are a number of different spaces to choose from, including: 

  • Book of Itza, 
  • Grand Loot, 
  • Jackpot Fortunes,
  • Fisherman’s Bounty, 
  • Bounty Torro’s Gold, 
  • The Book of Enchantments, and other items Magic of the Hula, 
  • King Koko’s Quest is a fantasy adventure game;
  • Mustang’s eponymous spirit; 

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