Many novice blackjack players have mixed feelings about aces. Of course, if they get this card, they really like it. But when a dealer opens an ace at home, they genuinely hate her. But even in this situation, not everything is so bad if you know how to act correctly.

Let’s figure out what gives the ace to the player and the dealer, and then move on to various situations when this card appears on the table, and learn how to play it. So, why don’t we like the ace at the dealer. Here everything becomes obvious if you turn to statistics.

American Version


Imagine that we are playing one of the American versions. The dealer has not formed a blackjack from the hand, and you have the opportunity to collect cards.In such a situation, his open ace means that he should count on busting in less than 17% of cases.

He will have seventeen, eighteen, nineteen or twenty points in almost 19% of the draws (for each of the listed amounts). In more than 7% of the rounds, he gets 21 (not blackjack).

The dealer has an ace in blackjack. 

If you look at this situation from the perspective of possible losses, then everything does not look the best either. The dealer rarely loses by opening an ace. Even if you play according to the optimal strategy, in most varieties of blackjack, the casino advantage in this case is about 36%. Consequently, out of a hundred dollars at stake, you will be able to return only sixty-seven (of course, we are talking about a theoretical long segment, and not about each individual game).

How to Play if the Dealer Has an Ace?

But even such an indicator you will be able to achieve only if you act correctly. Here are our recommendations on how to play blackjack with an ace at the dealer: 

  • If you manage to find a blackjack, the rules of which, with an open ace, you can make a sarrend, be sure to make a sarrend at sixteen. If the dealer takes a card on the “soft” seventeen, then give up half of the bet on the “hard” fifteen.
  • Never stop the set of cards on the “hard” twelve – sixteen. Get there until you have at least seventeen.
  • Also, do not stop at the “soft” thirteen – eighteen. Take it until you have at least nineteen.
  • A double should be made only on eleven of the two cards in one- and two-card blackjack. When playing with six or eight decks, a double is allowed only if the dealer takes a card on the “soft” seventeen.
  • Split should be done only on aces and eights.

Actually, these are brief recommendations for playing blackjack with an open ace at the dealer. They will help you to act more successfully, but do not forget that in order to achieve maximum efficiency, you need to learn how to correctly select the optimal strategy for each type of blackjack and fully study it. At a minimum, print out the sign and peek into it every time you are unsure of your actions.

Where to Play Blackjack According to the Optimal Strategy?


Not everyone has the opportunity to regularly visit offline casinos. Many people do not even like this kind of leisure, because it is associated with additional costs and other disadvantages. Of course, they have to be tolerated if you intend to count cards and generally play blackjack professionally.

Ordinary amateurs who do not want to devote their lives to the game, but although they often win the casino, it is enough to play online. Dozens of excellent online casinos offer a huge selection of blackjack. There are quite a few models with a fairly high RTP among them.

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